Bureau of Infrastructure Tourism Listening Bus Tour

Alex Braidwood, assistant professor in the College of Design at Iowa State University, will present a tour of Ames infrastructure, organized by his own “Bureau of Infrastructure Tourism” (March 9th, at 1pm, meeting at Design on Main, 205 Main St. Ames). BIT is an organization that develops tours and documentation of various infrastructure features from around the world. These elements of the built environment often go unnoticed or ignored. Many are commonly considered to be non-places. Tours allow participants to document their experiences in these overlooked parts of town, so that these spaces become part of new city mental maps for participants. As part of the tour, participants will walk and visit several infrastructure—heavy parts of Ames. Pre-registration for the workshop is necessary, since seats on the touring bus are limited. If there is sufficient interest, a second tour can take place at 3pm, same day.