Uncertainty: Locations and Velocities

Venue: The Gallery at Elings-Wood Center for Art & Design, Grand View University
Dates: August 28th – October 13th, 2017
Reception: September 7th, 6-8pm

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The “Heisenberg uncertainty principle” states that it is impossible to measure precisely and simultaneously both the position and the velocity of an object. If you know where an atomic particle is, you cannot be sure exactly how fast it is moving, and if you know how fast the particle is moving, you cannot be sure where it is. The works in this exhibit use circuit boards where electrons and electromagnetic waves once flowed. Placing these boards in new contexts becomes a meditation on the uncertainty of human knowledge of time and speed. The fleeting physical imprint of a circuit board dislodged from an old VCR was recorded on paper in 2008 to create its portrait — but where did the circuit board go? A twitter bot tweets out a short computer program — but the time scale is distorted as instructions intended to be executed in 0.0000000001 seconds now take 60 seconds. As location, speed, and time are unmoored from their conventional scales, we start to wonder: where is this technological flotsam headed?

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